About Us

Who Are We?

Hi! I’m Sydney!

I’m the founder of The Daisy Collective, a women’s clothing boutique that I independently run and operate out of my hometown in Ohio. Dedicated to curating timeless and trendsetting styles, The Daisy Collective’s goal is to empower women with collections that inspire confidence and self-expression. Our commitment to quality, style, and inclusivity forms the foundation of our mission. Join our community, where fashion is more than clothing—it's a canvas for personal stories and empowerment.

Meet Daisy 🌼

Meet Daisy, the heart and soul behind The Daisy Collective! This online boutique is named after our playful golden retriever, who brings boundless joy and inspiration to our lives. Our collections are designed to uplift and empower, offering a unique blend of style and comfort. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Daisy as we embark on a fashion-forward journey together!

From Ohio, With Love 💕

At The Daisy Collective, we're proud to be more than just a boutique—we're a small, woman-owned business rooted in the heart of Ohio. With a deep commitment to our community, we bring you thoughtfully curated collections that reflect our local charm and global inspiration. From our home to yours, thank you for supporting our dream and empowering women everywhere through fashion!